Denon RCD-N7 – Speakers with built-in docking station

Denon RCD-N7

New audio technology to support Apple AirPlay lets you listen to music from different sources: the players iPod / iPhone, internet service Rhapsody, Napster, Pandora and, as well as any computer connected to the network. A set of CD-Receiver Denon RCD-N7 ($ 600 U.S.) and speaker system SC-N7 ($ 200), can work with any digital source and audio components, wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) Network of or equipped with USB interface . The device is compatible with the protocol DLNA Ver.1.5. The claimed power output – 2 x 65 Tues According to the manufacturer, near the firmware update the device will also connect to the iTunes library via wireless technology to Apple AirPlay. The system of “multi-» Party Mode Plus allows you to manage five different radios Denon, included in the overall network, including through the iPod / iPhone c is running Denon Remote App. Dimensions CD-receiver – 280 × 299 × 112 mm, weight – 4,3 kg. Dimensions of one column – 145 × 236 × 233 mm, weight – 2,3 kg.

Denon RCD-N7Denon RCD-N7